Cheapest Country to Buy a Galaxy S22 in 46 Countries

I surveyed the prices of the Galaxy S22 across Samsung websites worldwide. The cheapest countries are Malaysia, South Korea and the United States.
By Jun Saito | 2022-02-10
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In which countries does the Galaxy S22 cost the least? I have checked the launch price inclusive of tax of the unlocked Galaxy S22 on the Samsung website for each country. When taxes were not included in prices on the websites, I calculated the totals with tax, using the information on taxes in each country available on Avalara. The countries I added taxes to are the US and Canada. The US and Canada have different tax rates depending on where you make purchases, so I show two prices, one for the product purchased in the location with the lowest tax rate, and one for the product purchased in the location with the highest tax rate. The exchange rates used for currency conversion are updated daily, so the prices shown here change daily. To change the displayed currency, select a currency from the menu at top.
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Galaxy S22


Malaysia JP¥101,504
United States JP¥101,671
China JP¥104,323
Indonesia JP¥104,595
New Zealand JP¥107,870
Singapore JP¥109,383
Switzerland JP¥110,033
Egypt JP¥110,513
United Arab Emirates JP¥110,674
Saudi Arabia JP¥111,773
Philippines JP¥111,864
United States JP¥113,363
Australia JP¥113,622
Canada JP¥115,337
Romania JP¥115,738
Luxembourg JP¥115,753
Austria JP¥115,753
Belgium JP¥115,753
Slovakia JP¥115,753
Netherlands JP¥115,753
Germany JP¥115,753
Hungary JP¥115,836
Estonia JP¥116,148
Lithuania JP¥117,116
France JP¥117,116
Spain JP¥117,116
Latvia JP¥117,116
Poland JP¥119,359
Kazakhstan JP¥119,806
Italy JP¥119,843
Ireland JP¥119,843
Portugal JP¥119,966
Ukraine JP¥120,537
Czechia JP¥121,446
Greece JP¥122,570
Finland JP¥122,706
Denmark JP¥122,813
United Kingdom JP¥123,432
Sweden JP¥125,368
Canada JP¥126,322
Norway JP¥127,289
Brazil JP¥144,869
Russia JP¥149,499


South Korea JP¥101,488
United States JP¥101,671
Malaysia JP¥107,306
Thailand JP¥111,306
Indonesia JP¥113,312
United States JP¥113,363
Canada JP¥115,337
New Zealand JP¥116,174
Switzerland JP¥116,670
United Arab Emirates JP¥117,593
Saudi Arabia JP¥118,549
Singapore JP¥118,668
Jordan JP¥119,214
China JP¥119,500
Philippines JP¥121,593
Morocco JP¥121,724
Slovakia JP¥122,570
Netherlands JP¥122,570
Belgium JP¥122,570
Austria JP¥122,570
Luxembourg JP¥122,570
Germany JP¥122,570
Romania JP¥122,629
Australia JP¥122,719
Hungary JP¥122,751
Estonia JP¥122,909
Latvia JP¥123,933
Spain JP¥123,933
France JP¥123,933
Lithuania JP¥123,933
Poland JP¥125,328
Canada JP¥126,322
Italy JP¥126,660
Ireland JP¥126,660
Portugal JP¥126,783
Czechia JP¥126,969
Kazakhstan JP¥128,573
Ukraine JP¥129,147
Greece JP¥129,387
Finland JP¥129,523
Denmark JP¥130,146
United Kingdom JP¥131,458
Sweden JP¥131,837
Norway JP¥133,995
Myanmar JP¥139,109
Brazil JP¥156,943
Russia JP¥158,844

Galaxy S22+


Malaysia JP¥118,909
United States JP¥127,089
Indonesia JP¥130,746
United Arab Emirates JP¥131,432
New Zealand JP¥132,782
Saudi Arabia JP¥133,795
China JP¥134,677
Singapore JP¥136,310
Philippines JP¥138,619
Australia JP¥140,913
United States JP¥141,704
Hungary JP¥141,770
Ukraine JP¥142,062
Germany JP¥143,021
Austria JP¥143,021
Belgium JP¥143,021
Luxembourg JP¥143,021
Netherlands JP¥143,021
Slovakia JP¥143,021
Estonia JP¥143,191
Romania JP¥143,301
Spain JP¥144,384
Lithuania JP¥144,384
France JP¥144,384
Latvia JP¥144,384
Kazakhstan JP¥146,106
Canada JP¥146,793
Italy JP¥147,111
Portugal JP¥147,234
Ireland JP¥148,474
Czechia JP¥149,060
Poland JP¥149,206
Greece JP¥149,838
Finland JP¥149,974
Sweden JP¥151,244
Denmark JP¥152,146
United Kingdom JP¥152,324
Norway JP¥154,114
Canada JP¥160,773
Brazil JP¥169,018
Russia JP¥177,534


South Korea JP¥121,696
Malaysia JP¥124,711
United States JP¥127,089
Thailand JP¥129,919
Egypt JP¥137,800
United Arab Emirates JP¥138,351
Jordan JP¥139,083
Indonesia JP¥139,463
Saudi Arabia JP¥140,571
New Zealand JP¥141,086
United States JP¥141,704
Switzerland JP¥143,216
Singapore JP¥145,596
Canada JP¥146,793
Morocco JP¥147,377
Philippines JP¥148,349
Hungary JP¥148,685
Slovakia JP¥149,838
Germany JP¥149,838
Netherlands JP¥149,838
Belgium JP¥149,838
Austria JP¥149,838
Luxembourg JP¥149,838
China JP¥149,854
Estonia JP¥149,952
Australia JP¥150,010
Romania JP¥150,192
Ukraine JP¥150,672
Spain JP¥151,201
Latvia JP¥151,201
France JP¥151,201
Lithuania JP¥151,201
Italy JP¥153,928
Portugal JP¥154,051
Czechia JP¥154,582
Kazakhstan JP¥154,873
Poland JP¥155,176
Ireland JP¥155,291
Greece JP¥156,655
Finland JP¥156,791
Sweden JP¥157,713
Denmark JP¥159,479
United Kingdom JP¥160,349
Canada JP¥160,773
Norway JP¥160,821
Myanmar JP¥170,023
Brazil JP¥181,092
Russia JP¥186,878

Galaxy S22 Ultra


Malaysia JP¥147,919
United States JP¥152,507
Indonesia JP¥156,897
Singapore JP¥159,524
United Arab Emirates JP¥162,569
Saudi Arabia JP¥165,982
New Zealand JP¥165,998
Philippines JP¥167,807
Australia JP¥168,204
Hungary JP¥169,433
United States JP¥170,045
Estonia JP¥170,234
Belgium JP¥170,289
Netherlands JP¥170,289
Austria JP¥170,289
Germany JP¥170,289
Luxembourg JP¥170,289
Slovakia JP¥170,289
Romania JP¥170,864
France JP¥171,652
Latvia JP¥171,653
Lithuania JP¥171,653
Spain JP¥171,653
Ukraine JP¥172,197
Canada JP¥173,006
Italy JP¥174,379
Portugal JP¥174,502
Poland JP¥176,069
Czechia JP¥176,674
Ireland JP¥177,106
Greece JP¥177,106
Finland JP¥177,242
Norway JP¥180,940
Sweden JP¥181,001
Kazakhstan JP¥181,172
Denmark JP¥181,479
United Kingdom JP¥184,426
Canada JP¥189,483
Russia JP¥214,913


South Korea JP¥147,375
Thailand JP¥148,532
United States JP¥152,507
Malaysia JP¥159,522
Indonesia JP¥165,614
United States JP¥170,045
Singapore JP¥172,524
Canada JP¥173,006
Morocco JP¥173,031
New Zealand JP¥174,302
Switzerland JP¥175,071
Egypt JP¥175,320
United Arab Emirates JP¥176,407
Philippines JP¥177,537
Jordan JP¥178,821
Saudi Arabia JP¥179,534
Ukraine JP¥180,808
Australia JP¥181,849
Hungary JP¥183,264
Estonia JP¥183,755
Germany JP¥183,923
Slovakia JP¥183,923
Luxembourg JP¥183,923
Netherlands JP¥183,923
Belgium JP¥183,923
Austria JP¥183,923
Romania JP¥184,646
Spain JP¥185,286
Lithuania JP¥185,286
France JP¥185,286
Latvia JP¥185,286
Italy JP¥188,013
Portugal JP¥188,136
Canada JP¥189,483
Czechia JP¥190,481
Ireland JP¥190,740
Greece JP¥190,740
Finland JP¥190,876
Poland JP¥190,992
China JP¥193,487
Sweden JP¥193,939
Norway JP¥194,353
Denmark JP¥196,145
Kazakhstan JP¥198,705
United Kingdom JP¥200,477
Myanmar JP¥206,019
Brazil JP¥229,390
Russia JP¥233,603


South Korea JP¥157,423
Thailand JP¥163,423
United States JP¥165,216
Malaysia JP¥171,126
Indonesia JP¥183,048
United States JP¥184,216
Singapore JP¥185,523
Canada JP¥187,686
Switzerland JP¥188,344
United Arab Emirates JP¥190,246
Morocco JP¥192,270
Saudi Arabia JP¥193,086
Australia JP¥195,495
Philippines JP¥196,996
Hungary JP¥197,096
Estonia JP¥197,277
Austria JP¥197,557
Netherlands JP¥197,557
Luxembourg JP¥197,557
Belgium JP¥197,557
Slovakia JP¥197,557
Germany JP¥197,557
Ukraine JP¥198,028
Romania JP¥198,427
France JP¥198,920
Spain JP¥198,921
Latvia JP¥198,921
Lithuania JP¥198,921
New Zealand JP¥199,214
Portugal JP¥201,770
Italy JP¥203,010
Czechia JP¥204,287
Ireland JP¥204,374
Greece JP¥204,374
Finland JP¥204,510
Canada JP¥205,561
Poland JP¥205,916
Sweden JP¥206,877
Norway JP¥207,766
China JP¥208,664
Denmark JP¥210,811
United Kingdom JP¥213,318
Kazakhstan JP¥216,238
Russia JP¥252,292
Brazil JP¥253,539


South Korea JP¥177,520
United States JP¥203,343
Australia JP¥222,786
Germany JP¥224,825
Netherlands JP¥224,825
Belgium JP¥224,825
Luxembourg JP¥224,825
Spain JP¥226,187
France JP¥226,188
United States JP¥226,727
Portugal JP¥229,038
Italy JP¥230,278
Finland JP¥231,642
Ireland JP¥231,642
Canada JP¥231,724
Denmark JP¥234,644
Sweden JP¥236,634
Norway JP¥238,616
China JP¥239,018
United Kingdom JP¥240,604
Canada JP¥253,793
Russia JP¥289,672
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