Cheapest Country to Buy an iPhone SE 3 in 37 Countries

I surveyed the prices of the 2022 iPhone SE across Apple websites worldwide. The cheapest country is the United States.
By Jun Saito | 2022-03-09
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In which countries does the iPhone SE (3rd generation) cost the least? I have checked the launch price inclusive of tax of the unlocked iPhone SE on the Apple website for each country. When taxes were not included in prices on the websites, I calculated the totals with tax, using the information on taxes in each country available on Avalara. The countries I added taxes to are the US and Canada. The US and Canada have different tax rates depending on where you make purchases, so I show two prices, one for the product purchased in the location with the lowest tax rate, and one for the product purchased in the location with the highest tax rate. The exchange rates used for currency conversion are updated daily, so the prices shown here change daily. To change the displayed currency, select a currency from the menu at top.
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iPhone SE 3


United States KWD 131.265
Japan KWD 138.258
Thailand KWD 141.256
South Korea KWD 141.600
Taiwan KWD 142.989
Hong Kong KWD 144.235
Canada KWD 144.910
Malaysia KWD 146.265
United States KWD 146.361
Switzerland KWD 150.415
United Arab Emirates KWD 154.011
Singapore KWD 154.963
Australia KWD 154.968
New Zealand KWD 156.735
Canada KWD 158.711
China KWD 159.943
United Kingdom KWD 160.154
Poland KWD 160.624
Hungary KWD 163.987
Czechia KWD 164.131
Luxembourg KWD 165.277
Norway KWD 166.169
Germany KWD 167.697
Austria KWD 167.697
Philippines KWD 169.852
Portugal KWD 170.928
France KWD 170.928
Spain KWD 170.928
Italy KWD 170.928
Ireland KWD 170.928
Finland KWD 170.928
Belgium KWD 170.928
Netherlands KWD 170.928
India KWD 172.483
Denmark KWD 173.685
Sweden KWD 175.247
Mexico KWD 177.119
Turkey KWD 211.049
Brazil KWD 263.319


United States KWD 146.564
Japan KWD 152.610
South Korea KWD 158.400
Thailand KWD 159.024
Taiwan KWD 159.448
Malaysia KWD 160.201
Hong Kong KWD 161.782
Canada KWD 162.429
United States KWD 163.419
Switzerland KWD 169.193
Singapore KWD 170.482
United Arab Emirates KWD 171.502
Australia KWD 172.210
New Zealand KWD 176.351
Canada KWD 177.898
Poland KWD 178.091
China KWD 178.227
United Kingdom KWD 179.266
Hungary KWD 180.807
Luxembourg KWD 180.899
Czechia KWD 183.843
Germany KWD 183.852
Austria KWD 183.852
Portugal KWD 187.084
France KWD 187.084
Spain KWD 187.084
Italy KWD 187.084
Ireland KWD 187.084
Finland KWD 187.084
Belgium KWD 187.084
Netherlands KWD 187.084
Philippines KWD 187.429
Norway KWD 188.158
India KWD 192.128
Denmark KWD 195.401
Sweden KWD 196.787
Mexico KWD 200.224
Turkey KWD 228.318
Brazil KWD 294.674


United States KWD 177.162
Japan KWD 183.706
South Korea KWD 192.000
Thailand KWD 194.560
Hong Kong KWD 194.926
Malaysia KWD 195.043
Taiwan KWD 195.453
Canada KWD 197.468
United States KWD 197.536
United Arab Emirates KWD 206.486
Switzerland KWD 206.813
Singapore KWD 208.170
Australia KWD 208.850
Poland KWD 213.024
Hungary KWD 214.447
China KWD 214.796
New Zealand KWD 215.584
Canada KWD 216.274
United Kingdom KWD 217.489
Luxembourg KWD 218.393
Philippines KWD 222.583
Germany KWD 222.626
Austria KWD 222.626
Czechia KWD 223.266
Netherlands KWD 225.857
Italy KWD 225.857
Portugal KWD 225.857
France KWD 225.857
Spain KWD 225.857
Belgium KWD 225.857
Ireland KWD 225.857
Finland KWD 225.857
Norway KWD 228.993
India KWD 231.418
Denmark KWD 234.489
Sweden KWD 236.791
Mexico KWD 246.433
Turkey KWD 262.856
Brazil KWD 357.384
* You are free to reproduce the data and post screenshots as long as you cite us properly. Linking to this page is not required, but we will be glad if you do.

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