Cheapest Country to Buy an iPhone SE 3 in 37 Countries

I surveyed the prices of the 2022 iPhone SE across Apple websites worldwide. The cheapest country is the United States.
By Jun Saito | 2022-03-09
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In which countries does the iPhone SE (3rd generation) cost the least? I have checked the launch price inclusive of tax of the unlocked iPhone SE on the Apple website for each country. When taxes were not included in prices on the websites, I calculated the totals with tax, using the information on taxes in each country available on Avalara. The countries I added taxes to are the US and Canada. The US and Canada have different tax rates depending on where you make purchases, so I show two prices, one for the product purchased in the location with the lowest tax rate, and one for the product purchased in the location with the highest tax rate. The exchange rates used for currency conversion are updated daily, so the prices shown here change daily. To change the displayed currency, select a currency from the menu at top.
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iPhone SE 3


United States JOD 303.732
Japan JOD 319.981
Thailand JOD 326.856
South Korea JOD 327.450
Taiwan JOD 330.876
Hong Kong JOD 333.739
Canada JOD 335.303
Malaysia JOD 338.441
United States JOD 338.661
Switzerland JOD 348.042
United Arab Emirates JOD 356.361
Singapore JOD 358.565
Australia JOD 358.576
New Zealand JOD 362.665
Canada JOD 367.237
China JOD 370.089
United Kingdom JOD 370.578
Poland JOD 371.843
Hungary JOD 379.646
Czechia JOD 379.958
Luxembourg JOD 382.429
Norway JOD 384.488
Germany JOD 388.029
Austria JOD 388.029
Philippines JOD 393.046
Portugal JOD 395.506
France JOD 395.506
Spain JOD 395.506
Italy JOD 395.506
Ireland JOD 395.506
Finland JOD 395.506
Belgium JOD 395.506
Netherlands JOD 395.506
India JOD 399.095
Denmark JOD 401.880
Sweden JOD 405.507
Mexico JOD 409.836
Turkey JOD 488.334
Brazil JOD 609.287


United States JOD 339.132
Japan JOD 353.197
South Korea JOD 366.300
Thailand JOD 367.970
Taiwan JOD 368.962
Malaysia JOD 370.688
Hong Kong JOD 374.339
Canada JOD 375.841
United States JOD 378.132
Switzerland JOD 391.493
Singapore JOD 394.473
United Arab Emirates JOD 396.835
Australia JOD 398.473
New Zealand JOD 408.055
Canada JOD 411.635
Poland JOD 412.278
China JOD 412.397
United Kingdom JOD 414.800
Luxembourg JOD 418.578
Hungary JOD 418.586
Germany JOD 425.412
Austria JOD 425.412
Czechia JOD 425.590
Netherlands JOD 432.888
Portugal JOD 432.888
France JOD 432.888
Spain JOD 432.888
Italy JOD 432.888
Ireland JOD 432.888
Finland JOD 432.888
Belgium JOD 432.888
Philippines JOD 433.720
Norway JOD 435.365
India JOD 444.550
Denmark JOD 452.127
Sweden JOD 455.350
Mexico JOD 463.297
Turkey JOD 528.292
Brazil JOD 681.839


United States JOD 409.932
Japan JOD 425.165
South Korea JOD 444.000
Thailand JOD 450.198
Hong Kong JOD 451.030
Malaysia JOD 451.308
Taiwan JOD 452.276
Canada JOD 456.916
United States JOD 457.074
United Arab Emirates JOD 477.783
Switzerland JOD 478.539
Singapore JOD 481.678
Australia JOD 483.255
Poland JOD 493.148
Hungary JOD 496.466
China JOD 497.013
New Zealand JOD 498.835
Canada JOD 500.432
United Kingdom JOD 503.243
Luxembourg JOD 505.335
Philippines JOD 515.068
Germany JOD 515.129
Austria JOD 515.129
Czechia JOD 516.853
Netherlands JOD 522.606
Italy JOD 522.606
Portugal JOD 522.606
France JOD 522.606
Spain JOD 522.606
Belgium JOD 522.606
Ireland JOD 522.606
Finland JOD 522.606
Norway JOD 529.852
India JOD 535.460
Denmark JOD 542.572
Sweden JOD 547.915
Mexico JOD 570.220
Turkey JOD 608.208
Brazil JOD 826.942
* You are free to reproduce the data and post screenshots as long as you cite us properly. Linking to this page is not required, but we will be glad if you do.

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