Cheapest Country to Buy an iPhone SE 3 in 37 Countries

I surveyed the prices of the 2022 iPhone SE across Apple websites worldwide. The cheapest country is the United States.
By Jun Saito | 2022-03-09
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In which countries does the iPhone SE (3rd generation) cost the least? I have checked the launch price inclusive of tax of the unlocked iPhone SE on the Apple website for each country. When taxes were not included in prices on the websites, I calculated the totals with tax, using the information on taxes in each country available on Avalara. The countries I added taxes to are the US and Canada. The US and Canada have different tax rates depending on where you make purchases, so I show two prices, one for the product purchased in the location with the lowest tax rate, and one for the product purchased in the location with the highest tax rate. The exchange rates used for currency conversion are updated daily, so the prices shown here change daily. To change the displayed currency, select a currency from the menu at top.
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iPhone SE 3


United States CLP 358,623
Japan CLP 377,779
Thailand CLP 385,935
South Korea CLP 386,883
Taiwan CLP 390,670
Hong Kong CLP 394,054
Canada CLP 395,899
Malaysia CLP 399,604
United States CLP 399,864
Switzerland CLP 410,940
United Arab Emirates CLP 420,763
Singapore CLP 423,365
Australia CLP 423,378
New Zealand CLP 428,206
Canada CLP 433,604
China CLP 436,970
United Kingdom CLP 437,549
Poland CLP 438,690
Hungary CLP 447,907
Czechia CLP 448,263
Luxembourg CLP 451,542
Norway CLP 453,976
Germany CLP 458,154
Austria CLP 458,154
Philippines CLP 464,079
Portugal CLP 466,982
France CLP 466,982
Spain CLP 466,982
Italy CLP 466,982
Ireland CLP 466,982
Finland CLP 466,982
Belgium CLP 466,982
Netherlands CLP 466,982
India CLP 471,215
Denmark CLP 474,509
Sweden CLP 478,788
Mexico CLP 483,898
Turkey CLP 576,581
Brazil CLP 719,397


United States CLP 400,420
Japan CLP 416,995
South Korea CLP 432,784
Thailand CLP 434,480
Taiwan CLP 435,639
Malaysia CLP 437,679
Hong Kong CLP 441,992
Canada CLP 443,763
United States CLP 446,468
Switzerland CLP 462,243
Singapore CLP 465,763
United Arab Emirates CLP 468,551
Australia CLP 470,486
New Zealand CLP 481,799
Canada CLP 486,026
Poland CLP 486,394
China CLP 486,924
United Kingdom CLP 489,762
Hungary CLP 493,848
Luxembourg CLP 494,224
Czechia CLP 502,098
Germany CLP 502,292
Austria CLP 502,292
Portugal CLP 511,120
France CLP 511,120
Spain CLP 511,120
Italy CLP 511,120
Ireland CLP 511,120
Finland CLP 511,120
Belgium CLP 511,120
Netherlands CLP 511,120
Philippines CLP 512,103
Norway CLP 514,048
India CLP 524,884
Denmark CLP 533,838
Sweden CLP 537,638
Mexico CLP 547,021
Turkey CLP 623,760
Brazil CLP 805,060


United States CLP 484,015
Japan CLP 501,962
South Korea CLP 524,587
Thailand CLP 531,571
Hong Kong CLP 532,542
Malaysia CLP 532,868
Taiwan CLP 534,010
Canada CLP 539,490
United States CLP 539,677
United Arab Emirates CLP 564,127
Switzerland CLP 565,021
Singapore CLP 568,727
Australia CLP 570,589
Poland CLP 581,803
Hungary CLP 585,731
China CLP 586,831
New Zealand CLP 588,984
Canada CLP 590,870
United Kingdom CLP 594,189
Luxembourg CLP 596,660
Philippines CLP 608,153
Germany CLP 608,224
Austria CLP 608,224
Czechia CLP 609,767
Netherlands CLP 617,051
Italy CLP 617,051
Portugal CLP 617,051
France CLP 617,051
Spain CLP 617,051
Belgium CLP 617,051
Ireland CLP 617,051
Finland CLP 617,051
Norway CLP 625,611
India CLP 632,222
Denmark CLP 640,629
Sweden CLP 646,932
Mexico CLP 673,266
Turkey CLP 718,118
Brazil CLP 976,386
* You are free to reproduce the data and post screenshots as long as you cite us properly. Linking to this page is not required, but we will be glad if you do.

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