Cheapest Country to Buy an iPhone SE 3 in 37 Countries

I surveyed the prices of the 2022 iPhone SE across Apple websites worldwide. The cheapest country is the United States.
By Jun Saito | 2022-03-09
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In which countries does the iPhone SE (3rd generation) cost the least? I have checked the launch price inclusive of tax of the unlocked iPhone SE on the Apple website for each country. When taxes were not included in prices on the websites, I calculated the totals with tax, using the information on taxes in each country available on Avalara. The countries I added taxes to are the US and Canada. The US and Canada have different tax rates depending on where you make purchases, so I show two prices, one for the product purchased in the location with the lowest tax rate, and one for the product purchased in the location with the highest tax rate. The exchange rates used for currency conversion are updated daily, so the prices shown here change daily. To change the displayed currency, select a currency from the menu at top.
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iPhone SE 3


United States CA$550.62
Japan CA$578.00
Thailand CA$592.56
South Korea CA$594.13
Taiwan CA$599.83
Hong Kong CA$605.02
Canada CA$607.95
Malaysia CA$613.54
United States CA$613.94
Switzerland CA$630.84
United Arab Emirates CA$646.03
Singapore CA$650.03
Australia CA$650.05
New Zealand CA$657.46
Canada CA$665.85
China CA$670.92
United Kingdom CA$671.78
Poland CA$673.11
Hungary CA$687.34
Czechia CA$687.80
Luxembourg CA$693.35
Norway CA$697.03
Germany CA$703.50
Austria CA$703.50
Philippines CA$712.55
Portugal CA$717.06
France CA$717.06
Spain CA$717.06
Italy CA$717.06
Ireland CA$717.06
Finland CA$717.06
Belgium CA$717.06
Netherlands CA$717.06
India CA$723.47
Denmark CA$728.55
Sweden CA$735.12
Mexico CA$742.96
Turkey CA$885.27
Brazil CA$1,104.55


United States CA$614.80
Japan CA$638.00
South Korea CA$664.62
Thailand CA$667.10
Taiwan CA$668.87
Malaysia CA$672.00
Hong Kong CA$678.63
Canada CA$681.45
United States CA$685.50
Switzerland CA$709.60
Singapore CA$715.12
United Arab Emirates CA$719.40
Australia CA$722.38
New Zealand CA$739.74
Poland CA$746.31
Canada CA$746.35
China CA$747.61
United Kingdom CA$751.95
Hungary CA$757.84
Luxembourg CA$758.89
Czechia CA$770.40
Germany CA$771.28
Austria CA$771.28
Portugal CA$784.83
France CA$784.83
Spain CA$784.83
Italy CA$784.83
Ireland CA$784.83
Finland CA$784.83
Belgium CA$784.83
Netherlands CA$784.83
Philippines CA$786.28
Norway CA$789.26
India CA$805.87
Denmark CA$819.64
Sweden CA$825.48
Mexico CA$839.88
Turkey CA$957.70
Brazil CA$1,236.07


United States CA$743.15
Japan CA$768.00
South Korea CA$805.60
Thailand CA$816.17
Hong Kong CA$817.66
Malaysia CA$818.15
Taiwan CA$819.91
Canada CA$828.45
United States CA$828.61
United Arab Emirates CA$866.15
Switzerland CA$867.38
Singapore CA$873.21
Australia CA$876.07
Poland CA$892.70
Hungary CA$898.84
China CA$901.01
New Zealand CA$904.31
Canada CA$907.35
United Kingdom CA$912.28
Luxembourg CA$916.18
Philippines CA$933.76
Germany CA$933.94
Austria CA$933.94
Czechia CA$935.61
Netherlands CA$947.49
Italy CA$947.49
Portugal CA$947.49
France CA$947.49
Spain CA$947.49
Belgium CA$947.49
Ireland CA$947.49
Finland CA$947.49
Norway CA$960.55
India CA$970.67
Denmark CA$983.61
Sweden CA$993.29
Mexico CA$1,033.71
Turkey CA$1,102.58
Brazil CA$1,499.12
* You are free to reproduce the data and post screenshots as long as you cite us properly. Linking to this page is not required, but we will be glad if you do.

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