Cheapest 2022 MacBook Air in the world

2022 MacBook Air worldwide price comparison. These are the countries where the 2022 MacBook Air is cheapest or most expensive.
Jun Saito | Published on Jun 7, 2022
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In which countries is the M2 MacBook Air cheapest? I have checked the launch price inclusive of tax of the 2022 MacBook Air on the Apple website for each country. For the U.S. and Canada, where tax is not included in the prices on the website, sales tax was added based on the tax rates published on Avalara. Since tax rates in the U.S. and Canada vary depending on where you make your purchase, the tax amount is determined once you add the item to your cart and specify your shipping address, and you will know the final amount. For this reason, I have shown two prices for the U.S. and Canada, one for the lowest tax location and one for the highest tax location. To change the displayed currency, select a currency from the menu at top.

MacBook Air 13.6-inch

8x8 Core, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD

United States ZAR 18,453
Hong Kong ZAR 18,634
Singapore ZAR 19,024
Japan ZAR 19,092
Malaysia ZAR 19,254
Canada ZAR 19,322
Thailand ZAR 19,619
Taiwan ZAR 19,823
Philippines ZAR 20,386
United States ZAR 20,575
South Korea ZAR 20,726
United Arab Emirates ZAR 20,946
Australia ZAR 21,103
Canada ZAR 21,162
New Zealand ZAR 21,432
Switzerland ZAR 21,800
China ZAR 21,916
Mexico ZAR 23,566
Turkey ZAR 23,758
India ZAR 23,758
Luxembourg ZAR 24,182
United Kingdom ZAR 24,195
Czechia ZAR 24,604
France ZAR 24,679
Germany ZAR 24,679
Austria ZAR 24,679
Spain ZAR 25,009
Belgium ZAR 25,009
Netherlands ZAR 25,009
Italy ZAR 25,173
Portugal ZAR 25,173
Ireland ZAR 25,173
Poland ZAR 25,183
Hungary ZAR 25,425
Denmark ZAR 25,448
Finland ZAR 25,667
Sweden ZAR 25,898
Norway ZAR 25,998
Brazil ZAR 42,018

8x10 Core, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD

United States ZAR 23,070
Hong Kong ZAR 23,342
Malaysia ZAR 23,456
Singapore ZAR 24,063
Japan ZAR 24,189
Canada ZAR 24,477
Taiwan ZAR 24,531
Thailand ZAR 24,534
Philippines ZAR 25,629
South Korea ZAR 25,632
United States ZAR 25,724
Australia ZAR 26,103
United Arab Emirates ZAR 26,393
Canada ZAR 26,809
Switzerland ZAR 26,859
New Zealand ZAR 26,917
China ZAR 27,453
Turkey ZAR 29,515
India ZAR 29,703
Luxembourg ZAR 29,754
Mexico ZAR 29,851
United Kingdom ZAR 30,007
Austria ZAR 30,442
Germany ZAR 30,442
France ZAR 30,442
Czechia ZAR 30,591
Belgium ZAR 30,771
Netherlands ZAR 30,771
Spain ZAR 30,771
Portugal ZAR 30,936
Ireland ZAR 30,936
Italy ZAR 30,936
Denmark ZAR 31,424
Finland ZAR 31,430
Poland ZAR 31,660
Hungary ZAR 31,781
Sweden ZAR 32,178
Norway ZAR 32,502
Brazil ZAR 51,496
* These prices have been converted at the exchange rate on the date this article was published.
* Reproduction of data or images is permitted only if the source of the quotation is clearly identified as this page.

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