2021-01-11Direct your site or blog's visitors to nukenicom and receive up to 60% of nukenicom's revenue.
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Nukeni.com Is Looking for Jumbo Jets

If you direct people who are interested in cameras from your site or blog to a page on nukeni.com, we will compensate you according to the amount of access you direct. In terms of how to direct visitors, simply put a link to nukeni.com on the home page of your website or post an article about nukeni.com that has a link to nukeni.com. Any method is fine, as long as you do not deceive your visitors.


Those who manage a website or blog that covers cameras or topics that are relevant to cameras.


We will distribute a share of the revenue that nukeni.com obtains from US Amazon Associates according to the number of visitors you direct.

Unique User Compensation Rates
5,000 - 9,999 40%
10,000 - 49,999 50%
50,000 - 60%
Ex) If you direct 6,000 unique users to nukeni.com in a month, and we receive 10,000 dollars from Amazon US, we pay you 4,000 dollars.
  • * There will be no compensation if you direct less than 5,000 unique users in a month.
  • * The compensation rate may be changed in the future.
  • * Access counts will be checked using Google Analytics. There will be no compensation if there is some sort of misconduct.
  • * Given that our site is new, the amount that we currently receive from Amazon is very little.


Compensation will be paid out to you after we receive our compensation from US Amazon Associates. Because the payment cycle for US Amazon Associates is 2 months later, if there is compensation in January, we will receive our compensation in late March and pay you around the end of March. If there is compensation, we will notify you the amount and ask that you please create an invoice on PayPal under the name of "Advertising Fees" and send it to us (You will cover any handling fees for receiving the compensation). If there is no compensation, we will not reach out to you through email or another method.


Although there is no fixed term in particular, we will notify you beforehand if the business is canceled for some reason. In these instances, we will compensate you for any amounts generated before the end of the business.


If you would like to participate, please fill the following information into this form. We will notify you of the results of our screening.
  • The URL of your website or blog (visitors directed from this URL will be counted)
  • Monthly unique access count
  • Method of directing to nukeni.com
  • Your nationality
  • Your country of residence
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