Cheapest M2 MacBook Air 15-inch tax-free price in the world

Worldwide tax-free price ranking for M2 MacBook Air 15-inch. You will find the countries where international travelers can buy the M2 MacBook Air 15-inch at the lowest price.
Jun Saito | Published on Jun 6, 2023
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When international travelers purchase the M2 MacBook Air 15-inch at their destination using the tax free system, Thailand and Japan are the countries where the M2 MacBook Air 15-inch can be purchased at the lowest price. This is based on a comparison of the price calculated based on the tax-inclusive launch price and each country's tax-free rules. If you are actually considering purchasing the product at your travel destination, it is recommended that you check in advance which stores sell the product and how to go about the tax free procedure.

M2 MacBook Air 15-inch

8x10 Core, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD

Thailand $1,291
Japan $1,295
United States $1,299
Singapore $1,305
China $1,312
Vietnam $1,316
Australia $1,335
Hong Kong $1,339
New Zealand $1,344
Malaysia $1,345
Taiwan $1,347
South Korea $1,352
Canada $1,371
United Arab Emirates $1,426
United States $1,448
Spain $1,463
Finland $1,464
Switzerland $1,465
Germany $1,471
Luxembourg $1,476
Philippines $1,479
Netherlands $1,488
Ireland $1,499
Canada $1,501
France $1,505
Austria $1,505
Poland $1,507
Turkey $1,509
Belgium $1,510
Sweden $1,514
Czechia $1,517
Italy $1,517
Portugal $1,517
Norway $1,548
Denmark $1,553
Hungary $1,572
India $1,635
Mexico $1,726
United Kingdom $1,739
Brazil $2,609

8x10 Core, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD

Japan $1,478
Thailand $1,479
United States $1,499
China $1,500
Singapore $1,511
Vietnam $1,516
Australia $1,517
Malaysia $1,519
Hong Kong $1,530
New Zealand $1,532
Taiwan $1,535
South Korea $1,545
Canada $1,566
United Arab Emirates $1,644
Finland $1,668
United States $1,671
Spain $1,673
Germany $1,683
Luxembourg $1,688
Philippines $1,693
Switzerland $1,695
Netherlands $1,702
Ireland $1,709
Sweden $1,713
Canada $1,716
Turkey $1,721
Austria $1,722
France $1,722
Belgium $1,727
Italy $1,729
Portugal $1,729
Poland $1,755
Czechia $1,756
Denmark $1,776
Norway $1,786
Hungary $1,822
India $1,877
United Kingdom $1,987
Mexico $2,013
Brazil $2,957
1. Lowest tax rate regions.
2. Highest tax rate regions.
* These prices have been converted at the exchange rate on Jun 6, 2023.
* These prices are approximate prices for purchases made by international travelers using the tax-free system of the destination country.
* All of these prices are launch prices and may differ from the latest prices. Prices for Apple products are determined based on the U.S. dollar, and prices may be revised when each country's currency depreciates significantly against the U.S. dollar. In particular, prices have been frequently revised in Turkey due to the country's highly volatile currency.
* To make a tax-free purchase in Japan, you must buy at a major electronics retailer that offers tax-free service, such as Yodobashi Camera. Tax-free purchases are not available at Apple Stores in Japan.
* To make a tax-free purchase in China, you must buy on Hainan Island. Tax-free purchases are not available in other parts of China.
* Reproduction of data or images is permitted only if the source of the quotation is clearly identified as this page.
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